IAM is an organization dedicated to the power of the light that shines within every human being. One
of our greatest strengths is our devotion to empower individuals by reminding that them this light truly
exists. This is accomplished by providing an environment committed to various programs focusing on
self-awareness, character building, and leadership skills.

Knowing that contrary to our circumstances, we choose which path we desire for our lives. Since this is
the root of I AM’s vision, our programs are built with this objective in mind as it relates to the advancement
opportunities within community social settings while inspiring self-responsibility.
This is I AM’s version of servicing others by igniting “the light within”.


Ricsyhelle Davis is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of I AM…

Ricsyhelle is an LA native but being of mixed ethnic descent (Filipino & African American), she also spent
a number of years living in the Philippines. Ricsyhelle’s personal connection to the mission and vision of I
AM... stems from her experience living in her mother’s native island.  While in the Philippines, she
experienced poverty and scarcity that she was not accustomed to. Although situations were difficult, she
was able to see a spark of hope in the people’s eyes which ignited a desire to create an avenue that
empowers people to remember the voice and light that lies within.

Ricsyhelle’s idea was to create an environment that serves as a tool to help people remember their
divine self. Her overall goal is to inspire others, to remember who they really are and acknowledge the
power of the awareness in which they believe; The I AM voice, the light within. The voice that brings
awareness and power to decision making and yields experiences that can shape a divine future with
abundance and love.

Ricsyhelle is a mom, wife, Insurance Agency Partner, and studying to become a Spiritual Practitioner. 
She has always had a strong desire to add value to the lives of others and I AM… has given her the
platform to spread her message of self-empowerment to others. As the Chief Visionary Officer of I AM…,
she is committed to continuously progressing the vision of I AM, keeping the overall mission of the
organization clear and keeping the direction of the organization moving in the direction of positive

Rhonda Gregory Brent I AM… / CEO

Rhonda has worked in the professional public sector for 33 years and has been in the financial services
industry for eight years. As a professional and community server, having seen and observed the void in
the dissemination of information to underserved communities, she acknowledges that this lack of access is a
contributing factor to the halt in the growth of certain areas especially as it relates to advancement
opportunities and pertinent information to community and family growth. Rather than wait for others
to create an avenue to assist with aiding this need, she was inspired to find a solution to add value to
what may be missing. This idea became the connection she now shares with her partner and CVO.
Committed to co creating avenues geared to self-awareness and self- responsibility, this became the
cornerstone of I AM, the organization. Rhonda not only believes that this method and approach could
mean the difference in repeating old habits and outcomes, but complete recognition of this way in her
own life builds confidence that our programs are created to awaken and empower an abundant life we
believe is the right of everyone. “I AM are the two most powerful words…for what you put after them
shapes your reality.”

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